Flower tattoos

Flower tattoos

Flowers, because of their  variety and beauty,  are very popular as tattoo designs among various people regardless of nationality and age but, especially, among youth.
 Flower tattoos are one of the most ancient tattoo images that were depicted on human body. For  centuries they symbolize femininity and beauty. Symbolism and sense of flower tattoo designs are achieved with a help of  fantastic combination of various colors and tints, shapes and sizes. 

Big and small, bright and one-color, single and bouquets or even the whole compositions of flowers can be seen as tattoos on various parts of body (shoulders, breasts, wrists, anklebones, shoulder blades, thighs, shins and other places up to intimate zones) depending on the meaning enclosed in them.

All flowers have definite symbolism, and tattoo of each specific flower has its own association and meaning.
The most popular flower tattoo designs are those depicting roses, lilies and lotuses.
 Rose tattoo image - a symbol of hidden human potential, tenderness, pride, love, authority, faith, beauty, wisdom, passion, intrigue, fidelity, sensuality, eternity.
Faded rose means separation or parting.

 Meaning of rose colors:

  • -yellow – joy and protection against envious and mature admirers, jealousy, loyalty;
  • -white - purity, mysticism, holiness, youth, spiritual love, mystery.
  • -red – sacrifice, eternal love, health, passion, really romantic love;
  • -pink - first love, naivety, healing, elegance, tenderness.
  • -coral - desire;
  • -orange - enthusiasm, passion, charm;
  • -blue - charm, irreality and impossibility (because there are no real blue roses in existence);
  • -violet - love at first sight;
  • -light peach - modesty and friendship;
  • -black - death and darkness.
  •  Combination of:  red and white – unity and justice; red and yellow – congratulations; yellow and orange – passion.
     Thorns on the rose symbolize  protected, risky and difficult love, possibility of beauty admiration, without touching it.

Lotus tattoo image - a symbol of purity, revival, aspiration for truth, detachment from worldly desires, life struggle, divinity, eternity, all beautiful on the Earth. Lotus is a sacred flower of the Buddhist East.
Meanings of lotus colors:
-white - spiritual perfection,
-red - purity of heart, love and passion,
-pink - deity,
-blue - wisdom and knowledge.

 White lily tattoo image – a symbol of purity and gentleness, virginity, modesty, revival and beauty.  Lily has the same symbolism in the West as lotus in the East.
In Egypt lily symbolizes fertility and in Europe white lily means innocence, but orange designates hatred.
 As a rule, the lily tattoo is applied triangular-shaped with long stalks.

 Flower tattoos are mostly preferred by girls and women. Among  guys these tattoo designs show specific style (love of East culture, especially, for instance of Japanese).
 Everyone who wants  to get the flower tattoo surely will find something to his taste in a great variety of flowers, carefully thinking over its symbolism and meaning .

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