Fleur de lis tattoos

Fleur de lis tattoos

Flower tattoos can have much deeper inner meaning, than just a mere beautiful imabe on the body. Flowers are the depiction of nature and symbolize the cycle of birth, life, child birth, death and rebirth. Same flowers in different cultures can have different meanings.

For example, in the East great spiritual meaning has the flower of lotus, on the West such symbol is known to be the rose. Besides, different colors also have their own meanings. For example – white is the symbol of purity, red – the symbol of passion, that sometimes symbolizes the blood of Christ.

The flower that has the form of the cup and is playing passive role in its fertilization, is long ago considered as a famine symbol.

The symbolism of flowers remains mainly hidden from us today. In art, literature, folklore and mythology we can reveal a lot of mysteries. Also, according to what ancient doctors and sellers of herbs, flowers brought not only joy, luck and love, but also were used for healing sick people, and also as the last joyful thing in the life of dying man.

Flowers inspire us for a long time – the same time that we can see them, touch them and smell their odor. As well as famine names, they became the synonym of sweetness, beauty and healing and also such traits as nobility, calamity and innocence. Flowers have been not only the source of admiration for human, but also the subject of fantasy and imagination of human mind. Their color, shape, odor and unique peculiarities gave birth to many myths and characters, who have the traits of character connected with the names of flowers themselves.

If we speak about fleur de lis tattoos, we can say the following. As well as widely popular rose, fleur de lis is the flower that has great and deep symbolism. Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris, took female souls to another world, that is why the fleur de lis tattoos began to symbolize death. But at the same time, having the permission to get to the dark side, Fleur de lis was the messenger of gods in another world and was the messenger of good news or messages. Fleur de lis tattoos representing three petals symbolize belief, courage and wisdom.

In Christianity the three petals of fleur de lis became the symbol of Holy Trinity. Its sky blue color was highly connected with Holy Mary. During the meeting with Mary, Archangel Gabriel was holding this flower in his hand, as the symbol of purity. In medieval England noblewomen often gave fleur de lis the meaning of merit and included its image in personal stamp. In the 5th century the mage of iris was included in heraldic stamp of French monarchy.

Fleur de lis tattoos are representing this herbal flower that is called by the name of Irida, the goddess of the rainbow. In Ancient Greece it was considered that fleur de lis represent the drops of rainbow that are wide spread across all the land. The garlands made of fleur de lis flowers became the emblems of Cyprus kings, and also these flowers are depicted on the coat of arms of Florentia.

If we speak about the modern symbolism, we can say that nowadays people apply fleur de lis tattoo designs as symbols of peace and calamity. Such fleur de lis tattoos are rather popular nowadays because of their beautiful and vivid design, as well as deep meaning. Usually fleur de lis tattoos are applied by serious people, who take life seriously and think about the matters of life and death. This kind of tattoo can be treated as philosophical.

If you are not sure about what fleur de lis tattoo design to choose, you can always go to local tattoo shop – in every catalogue of every respectable tattoo artist there are different tattoo designs, including fleur de lis tattoo designs – he will help you with your choice.