Family crest tattoos

Family crest tattoos

Family crest tattoos are great tattoo that can help you reveal your heritage and your name – it is a perfect way to do this. Family crest, or how it is also known – coat of arms, has always comprised different symbols, that can be shield, animal, motto, sword, helmet and many other symbols that fit into the family crest. The initial purpose of family crest was the ability to make distinction between different people in battle. Nowadays, however, most of the people take family crest tattoos for not what they really are and confuse their meaning. Family crest is always a shield only, if there are other elements – it is a coat of arms – it comprises different elements around it. Here we will speak about different meanings of family crest tattoos and see the difference from coat of arms tattoos. When you read this article to the end, you will probably be able to get ready to create your own tattoo design.

The most amazing thing about family crest tattoos is that you get the unique design that can hardly be repeated ever by someone. It is known also as the crest. Coat of arms, on the contrary, comprises everything except the crest. Such “everything” can represent things such as helmet, animals, swords, motto, banners, shields and everything else.

The meanings of family crest tattoos can be very symbolic and different. First of all they can symbolize positive things. Among family crest tattoos there are such things as unity, strength, bravery, courage, home, heritage, pride, honor, family. Family crest tattoos give the possibility to create unique family crest tattoo design, that does not exist anywhere else. It is up to your imagination – the combination of the elements. Among such elements mostly likely will be the ones that you like and the ones that better represent your family, heritage of your family and so on. The best thing about family crest tattoos is that there cannot be any wrong symbols in family crest tattoo. Such tattoos are especially designed to symbolize yourself, your name or surname and the whole of your family.

So you decided to apply family crest tattoo design. What do you have to start with? First of all you will have to try to find out if your family already has family crest. To achieve this goal first of all you will have to do a certain research of your own name and surname. It is highly likely that you will be able to find some information on your genealogy and probably find different variants of your family crest. But you can not be sure that the crest you find is the original one  - it can be a difficult task to tell it. If you really want to find out that you have found the original family crest, you will have to do some deep research.

Before family crest tattoo design choosing and application remember, that you have to mind some different things. First of all you have to make sure that you did everything to do a proper research, because mind that family crest tattoos will represent yourself and also your family. So you will surely be not willing to add some symbol that is not relevant to your family. Also you will have to make sure that you fully understand what you are trying to depict on your family crest tattoo design and use only the symbols that you are sure of. So do not hurry to go and to get your family crest tattoo applied, do not make such mistakes, if you do something wrong, you will regret it later and will have to undergo some expensive procedures, such as laser removal. This procedure, as we have said, is expensive and delicate – that is why it is always good to know in advance what you are doing and to do the correct thing.

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