Egyptian tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos gain more and more popularity recently, but to tell the truth, they have always been popular. So tattoo requests increased a lot – people ask for different designs.

Egyptian tattoos can have various types of design. One of the most popular is the design connected with Anubis – it can be depicted in many ways. Anubis is the Egyptian God, who is represented as half jackal and half human, who can be positioned in different ways – sitting or standing. Upper part of Anubis is  jackal-style, and lower part is human. When he is sitting, he is shown like a dog. Some people can apply hieroglyphs, that represent his name.

Also different cat tattoos are very popular – especially Goddess Bastet, who is believed to have parents Isis and Ra. It has a very deep meaning and her history is quite interesting. Nowadays she is considered the goddess of all cats, moon and the sun.

The next popular Egyptian tattoo design is believed to be hieroglyphic. They look pretty good and everyone can apply the word they like – mystery, but who doesn’t like mysteries?
Lotus tattoos gain popularity too. Usually lotus has blue or white color. This has its own explanation. They are connected with death and birth. It is believed that flowers of white color emerges at night and flowers of blue color – during the day.

Very popular is also the eye of chorus, which can have two different meanings. One meaning can be the natural eye of ancient Egyptian, while the other can be connected with the original video game. The eye of chorus can have different definitions and it’s up to you to decide what definition to choose. You can modify your Egyptian tattoo slightly to reflect the very thing you believe in.

Egyptian gods are also often applied as tattoos. There are many Egyptian gods, even in Wikipedia – 79 pages. The best example of Egyptian tattoo can be Osiris, who is considered to be the god of the dead. Can you imagine that he is also the God of all living? That is so because of the Egyptian beliefs. These people believed that to die is to live. Osiris is usually pictured with green skin and looks like a mummy. He is wearing traditional clothing of this period. If you really want to choose Egyptian tattoos of some god, you have to take time to go through all 79 gods to understand which one suits you best.

People always liked pyramids, so there is no wonder, that they often ask to apply pyramid tattoo. Most people know that pyramids are the places where famous Egyptians were buried. It is a very popular design and there is a great variety of it.

Phoenix Egyption tattoos are also great. People like phoenixes because they symbolize a very long life. After phoenix dies he then is rebirthed. Egyptians believed this bird to symbolize the sun.

Now let us talk about the colour and placement of Egyptian Tattoos.

Most people believe that Egyptian tattoos must have black colour, but it is not quite true. Although the main lines of such a tattoo can have black color, the shades can be copper, gold, red blue and black.

The places on which Egyptian tattoos can be applied, include chest, shoulder and back. These are the most popular design. If we speak about some small Egyptian tattoo, such as Ankh, it can be made on different body parts, such as shoulder blade, neck, wrist, foot or ankle.