Death tattoos

Death tattoos

This is the kind of tattoo that is not suited for nervous people. If a person is not brave, the death tattoo can easily terrify them.

Usually a person who don’t fear anything and do not listen to anyone can apply death tattoo. It is right because a person who fears death won’t choose it as his tattoo he wants, and if a man doesn’t fear death, he fears nothing.

If such a picture is applied alongside with playing cards, it means the game with death – win or die. This kind of tattoo can be chosen by a person who is atheistic. Death tattoos are considered to represent Satanism and evil.

But also there is another point of view, according to which a death tattoo on human body can become the best charm and preserve a person from dangers and evil. Usually people who consider themselves to be lucky apply death tattoos, so the meaning of it usually consists of luck and constant risk. In some literature death tattoo is considered to be the sign of vandalism. Modern bikers use it as a symbol of luck.

Do you know why death is pictured with scythe? This tool death got during the great plague in Germany when hundreds and thousands people died. After that the Christian opinion about death and its appearance was revised and it was considered that death uses this tool to cut the soul from the body and in this way helps the immortal soul to leave the body and go to Heaven.

In positive meaning death tattoo can mean the taking part in the process of regeneration and renewal of life on Earth and whole nature. Without death no life can exist because if something begins it must also have an end. For people who are in jail death tattoo means to be capable of murder, so it was applied by people who considered themselves to be dangerous for society – such a reminder that death always walks nearby.

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