Crown tattoos

Crown tattoo

Crown tattoos are very rare. Different people understand its meaning in different ways. In Medieval symbolism it meant connection to the Emperor or any other reigning family. It was often pictured in coat of arms and flags of knights and monarchic countries – and it is used nowadays too.

In general crown tattoo means longing for power. Crown tattoo is elite one that states the high position of a person in society.

If the crown is pictured above the heart, it symbolizes luck. In Celtic bracelet that consists of heart and crown which are held by two hands, the heart means love, the crown means faithfulness and hands mean true friendship.

Females usually apply crown tattoos in original style to show off or underline their superiority. Not everyone deserves to apply such tattoo.

When the crown is depicted alongside with other symbols, it shows high authority and importance of this symbol and its superiority.

In some cultures and religions the crown is considered to be a symbol of divinity. In Christianity, for example, the crown of Maria Magdalena is very well known. In Korea turtle with crown symbolizes calmness and longevity.

Crown tattoos are widely used in the criminal world. Crown has a peculiar meaning there. If the prisoner has a crown tattoo, it shows that this person has great authority in the prison. It can also show a vicious crime committed by the prisoner or non-willingness to be corrected. This is the symbol of hatred for administration and order.

The crown above the snake is a must for the authoritative thief. Tiger with a crown and skull in hands is a distinctive sign of robbers. It symbolizes the longing for violence. The crown with red card suits forms a tattoo by the name of “King of all suits”. Such tattoo was forcefully applied to passive homosexualists. The crown on the back is the symbol of humiliated person.

But this is all about the criminal world. Ordinary person sees the crown as a symbol of power, leadership and great self-possession. Crown tattoos are usually applied by people who are very strong and firm of purpose.