Chinese tattoos

Chinese tattoos

In ancient times Chinese were not allowed to make tattoo hieroglyphs, but today everything changed. Among European people there are a lot of those who make Chinese tattoos representing hieroglyphs without even knowing their meaning. Many people make Chinese tattoo representing hieroglyphs because they are relatively small but contain a lot of information.

Masters of Chinese tattoos may not even know the meaning of hieroglyphs, that’s why before you apply a single tattoo, find information about it from your own resources and find out the price and the cost of Chinese tattoo.

Women hearts are belonging to Chinese tattoo designs that mean love and prettiness, and male Chinese tattoo designs represent tigers and dragons. Some people stubbornly apply Chinese tattoos with hieroglyphs that they consider to represent their names, although it’s impossible to write alphabet letters with hieroglyphs.

Most of Chinese people laugh at the fact that Europeans apply Chinese tattoo designs with hieroglyphs not even knowing their deep meaning and corrupting it in their own understanding.

Every Chinese hieroglyph means syllable or morpheme. In total there are almost 80000 of Chinese hieroglyphs but most of them were used only in ancient Chinese literature. China citizen is considered educated only if he knows 1500 Chinese hieroglyphs. If you want to read newspapers and different magazines you will have to learn 3000 Chinese hieroglyphs.

In thick dictionaries for translation from one language to another there are almost 6-8 Chinese hieroglyphs. But also there are a lot of hieroglyphs that are not used widely currently. They can contain the names of different medical remedies from traditional Chinese medicine or the names of the religious artifacts of the ancient times. The biggest dictionary was published in 1994 and consists of 87019 Chinese hieroglyphs.

Currently Chinese hieroglyphs can be divided into two groups. The first one is used by main China, and the second – in Hong-Kong and Taiwan.

According to the traditions Chinese hieroglyphs were written from right to left and from upper part of parchment and downstairs. Now Chinese people write horizontally and from left to right, like European people do, and tattoo artists, when applying a Chinese tattoo do the same. But in Taiwan the vertical Chinese hieroglyphs are being used quite as often as horizontal.

In modern world  Chinese art was and is currently very demanded. Chinese tattoo offer their host pretty exotic symbols, that often have very deep and sacral meaning.

Chinese mythology and ancient beliefs of Chinese people are a great source for interesting Chinese tattoo designs. But from all mythological creatures and plants dragon design is the most popular today. Dragon is the symbol of China and gets a lot of meanings. Dragons in China symbolizes four elements and four parts of the world and power and glory of the Emperor and have always been the objects of fear and honor.

As for Chinese tattoo designs that depict hieroglyphs – it does not contain any grammatical point, only the meaning. Hieroglyph in China has a lot of meanings and combines a lot of intuitively connected symbols and meanings. It is the convenient way to say a lot with a small written symbol that contains a lot of meaning. Chinese tattoo depicting hieroglyph is very cute and calligraphic and can reveal essence and individuality of the tattoo owner.

We can say everything now, but currently the attention of the vast western public is drawn more often to Chinese tattoos with their lots of meanings.