Chest tattoos

Chest tattoos

Chest tattoos are not that popular as other kinds of tattoos that are applied on different body parts. However, according to its size and flat cover, chest is turning out to be the ideal place for tattoo application of both medium and big size.

The chest is situated very close to heart, and that’s why the tattoos on it can be containing a lot of symbols and meanings.

As a chest tattoo design – everything is suitable. There are no special chest tattoo designs, that are designed exactly for this place. Here we can use Celtic crosses, hearts and other chest tattoo designs.

To tell the truth, chest is very suitable for tattoo application because of the freedom it gives due to its size and space. Chest tattoos can be made of different size and shape and the style, according to which chest tattoos are applied. This also contains the freedom of choosing the actual location of the tattoo. Chest tattoos are mostly considered to be masculine.

As for women, chest tattoos are often interpreted not very good by other people and woman is considered not very serious because this area in woman is revealing its intimacy. That’s why women do such tattoos not very often. Another fact is that woman breast is very easy to deform and the tattoo on it is easily deformed as well therefore.

However, among males such tattoo is rather popular among men. More of it, the beautiful chest tattoo on a male is known as one of most vivid and stylish among all types of tattoos.

There exists a thought that comes to us from ancient times, that chest tattoos play often the role of guardians and talismans because they are very close to heart. But this highly depends on the thing that is depicted on chest tattoo design. The actual design can be very different and there are no limits and recommendations on it. It is all about thoughts and will of the actual client.

Of course the classic chest tattoo for males is often a picture, an image illustrating nobility and bravery. But to tell the truth inscriptions on chest are very popular and look very good and stylish too.

Very often symmetric tattoos are used in chest tattoo designs. Sometimes they are based on a principle of mirror reflection.

Among other popular chest tattoo designs we can name relatively new and original tattoos, that are made in cyber style. They, nowadays, gain more and more recognition and popularity among males. They usually represent a vivid mixture of certain fixed forms and ornaments with vivid and different pictures of live nature. Such mixture usually has outer beauty and sacral and deep meaning as well as showing todays reality, in which again unrepeatable and eternal nature is mixed with the constantly growing power of the technical aspect and with deep and eternal cyber space. They represent of mixture and communication of two realities – real and virtual. Also 3D tattoos are looking very good in different chest tattoo designs.

So you can see, that you are not limited on any particular tattoo designs – it is only the question of your imagination. First of all you need to understand what kind of tattoo you really want and what space it can occupy on your chest. After that you must decide on your actual design of the tattoo – what it can represent. First of all such chest tattoo can be made for beauty, then it can be made for some meaning. You can have anything you want depicted. Symmetric chest tattoos are very popular because in our world, as you know, symmetry was always equaled to beauty and perfectness. Every respectable tattoo shop can offer you a variety of designs from which you can choose. Chest tattoos nowadays become more and more popular.