Cherub tattoos

Cherub tattoos

Cherubs represent the second rank of angels. Their wings formed the throne of the God Jehovah in Jewish Temple that was built according to the Moses covenant. Cherubs are the defenders of human souls. This tradition has its source in more distant Persian and Mesopotamian spirits of guardianship, which statues were positioned near the temples. In the art cherubs are depicted usually in the forms of heads with blue wings, sometimes in the form of figure with a book, that symbolizes the highest divine knowledge which they possess due to the closeness to God. On some cherub tattoos they are holding him during the flight.
Cherub tattoos are most popular among females. However males apply different cherub tattoo designs too. Cherubs are the satellites of God. Every person has its cherub who helps them in life and protects their soul.

Cherub tattoos symbolize all the best in human life – the birth of the baby, the sunrise, tree blossom and the blossom of the whole nature. According to the church teachings cherubs are the invisible spirits who are immortal from the time they appear.

Tattoo artists usually depict cherub tattoos as small creatures with shiny wings and nimbuses above their heads. They have white clothes and fly in the sky. Cherubs are usually depicted as children or males.

The main places for cherub tattoos are as follows. Very often cherub tattoos are applied on forearms chest or belly. Next popular places are wrists, ankles and legs. Very often the cherub tattoo designs which depict cherub wings are applied on back. Sometimes cherub tattoo is applied by every member of the family for them to protect the whole family.

The pictures of angels are very popular for women tattoos. The most popular are cherubs and angels of retribution. It is considered that angels and cherubs particularly are mystical creatures that posess outstanding abilities. The word Angel is derived from Greek Angeloi, that means herald. Bible says that angels are the messengers of God. Angels are the protectors of human soul and their pictures changed during the time flow. Tattoo artists depicted cherub tattoo designs as beautiful creatures whose traits are similar to human with wings that usually have glowing, in white dress and flying on the clouds.
In Catholicism there are cherubs, who are guarding people. Every man has his own angel – cherub, who watches his man to follow the path of eternal salvation.

Let us say some more things about the placement of cherub tattoos. Usually cherub tattoos are applied on forearm or chest for male, and on the shoulder or belly for female. But, as it was said above, sometimes we can see cherub tattoos on wrists and even on feet. Sometimes people choose very different cherub tattoo design and apply only angel wings on their backs. These wings usually have black color and are extremely impressive. Cherub tattoos symbolize protection and that is why they are so popular. As for design, it can differ a lot. Cherubs are mostly depicted as naked babies nowadays that have pretty looking young faces and small cute wings. Although the appearance of cherub changed through the years their idea remained intact – they serve the same purpose – protection. People also decide to apply cherub tattoos to commemorate their lost children because cherubs remind about them. Also cherub tattoos are used to protect the children. Among parents the following cherub tattoo design is very popular – they consider it to be a good idea to depict the cherub with the face of their own small child. Such tattoos look very lovely.

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