Car tattoos

Car tattoos

Car tattoos became very popular not long ago and now are demanded. Lovers of expensive luxury cars don’t see any reason not to apply car tattoos. Really, it looks not only good and original, but also stylish. Car tattoo designs are applied by many representatives of rap culture and showbiz, making popular trends for youth. Professionally made beautiful car tattoo always attracts attention and creates originality for bearer.

Car tattoo designs depict love with the car. Women also call cars their husband’s wife. Cars are very popular among males – everybody likes speed. Usually we buy cars for different reasons – it may be the good design of the car or the engineering achievement. It can symbolize our status in the world or just be our best friends. Most people even give names to their cars, and often these names are human. So the car is highly personal and so is car tattoos and different car tattoo designs. That’s why car tattoos are that popular.

There are quite a few types of different car tattoo designs. The first one that we will review is a muscle car tattoo. It can be a perfect one for everyone. Such cars usually have huge engines and are looking pretty good, so they can be favorites for car tattoo lovers. First of all you have to decide which one you want – a real car or a cartoon style car. There are different ideas for muscle car tattoo designs. Cars may be depicted with different background images. Such images may include U.S. flag, palm tree, grass or other. If you choose cartoon style, you can decide on everything you like – you may get your car to wear huge and over-sized tires, or apply a lot of fire that comes out from pipe of the engine. The next type of car tattoo design is low rider car tattoo. These may depict the style of living for quite many people, and it does not matter whether males or females. Such cars are outstanding for their designs and it can also be said about corresponding car tattoos. Low rider car tattoos usually represent cars that were manufactured in 60s or 70s. They may be represented by Cadillac or Chevy Impala. People often like their car tattoos to be two dimensional. The bumper of such car can be situated almost in the ground. Such car has very picturesque and vivd colors and are famous for their paintings. Wire wheels are finishing this canvas.

The next popular car tattoo design is Hotrod car tattoos. They can be seen usually on people who like hot rod world or are part of it. The car tattoos of these design have vast variety and you can choose anything to your liking. Ford of the year 1934 is looking the best. You can also choose the California Kid represented in the view of the two dimensions – side and front. To such car tattoo designs different elements can be added – stop signs, police cars, trees and so on. Also classic Ford emblem looks very good.

Classic cars have always been popular. This kind of car tattoo on yourself can show all the world your love for the cars of the classic style. Usually the cars that were manufactured in USA in 40s and 50s. You can always modify your style and make a classic car tattoo design of special color. Classic cars look very good on tattoos.

Cartoon car tattoos are almost that popular as the real cars. Choosing one upon to your liking can be a funny process. You can also try to build one yourself. Animation looks really good – you can make car look as you wish – a lot of fire, oversized engine and a lot more. Also there are a lot animated movies involving cars. The fact is that every such car has history behind itself.
Race car tattoos turn out to be very popular too. Most of race fans who want to apply a tattoo, choose race car tattoo designs.

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