Black tattoos

Black tattoos

Black tattoos can be very popular. You can say everything, but almost in any area black color looks very stylish and modern. Many people like pencil drawings, black-and-white cinema and so on. Precise lines, no blurring – only needed lines. Black tattoos do not distract attention for details – it reveals the meaning of the tattoo to you and to those who surround you. To tell the truth such tattoos are the classics of genre in bodyart.

Many people think that black tattoo designs appeared in prisons. There is some kind of truth in it, in prisons black ink is usually used. But there is a simple explanation for it – the prisoners don’t have access to color ink. Nevertheless black tattoos soon became acknowledged in a free life, because it is precise and appealing.

The most commonly used black tattoo designs are Celtic tattoos, Japanese hieroglyphs and complex images that have a lot of details. Monochrome black tattoos are widely used when a person wants gothic style on his body.

It is out of the question that some people prefer vivid and full color tattoos, and some like black tattoo more. Tattoos that are made with using only black ink are also called Blackwork tattoos. It is the Black Square of Malevich depicted on the whole back and black sleeves, in general – the more of black color – the better. Not everyone can understand and accept this style in tattoo world, but black tattoos have a lot of followers and admirers. And, by the way, the black tattoo can be applied above any other tattoo that you might not like.

It can be so that black tattoo can be combined with scarring. There is also the term dot-work – the tattoos in which the main role is going to the geometric shapes. Main colors of this style are black and red. This kind of tattoo has its origins in Tibet, India and Africa.

Many famous tattoo artists like to work in this direction. Black tattoos are always popular and still gaining popularity. Let us now talk about one very popular black tattoo design – the black rose.

From all the variety of the tattoos the black rose image is extremely popular. Black tattoos depicting rose is associated with romantics and blue mood. So why is black rose usually chosen? Let us try to understand what such black tattoo can mean.

The most widespread meaning for the tattoo with black rose is considered to be death and sorrow. In Western culture black color symbolizes grief, loss and is considered to be the color of death. However, in Eastern culture people consider white color to have the same meaning. Rose is the known symbol of love and black rose may symbolize the sorrow of lost love. It can be the loss of person who you love and passed love. In this case black tattoo sometimes gets additional elements – the name of lover, love confession and so on. In some subcultures black tattoo depicting rose is considered to be the goth symbol.

Another widely spread meaning of tattoo with black rose – loyalty and hope. Loyalty can be shown not only towards some person, but also to not realistic idea, or not realistic aim or desire that will never come true. So black rose can symbolize this hope for the things that will never happen.

The symbol of England was the red rose, and Irish people, who began war for their independence, chose the black rose as an opposition, as a symbol of their struggle. Many Irish warriors-patriots applied black tattoos with rose designs. Today black rose is one of the symbols of anarchy.

Black tattoos can be seen not only on Irish warriors. Often soldiers, who are coming home, choose black rose design for themselves, showing that their path is finished.