Black light tattoos

Blacklight tattoos

Blacklight tattoos are the tattoos that are applied using special uv reactive ink. The main capability of this tattoo is that it is not visible under common light. However, it is clearly visible under special blacklight. Also this special ink is used also to enhance already existing tattoos. Blacklight tattoos can represent glowing eyes in the tattoo of the dragon. If you want to apply uv ink on your tattoo, your skin must be light. On dark skin the effect does not reveal.

Blacklight tattoo is considered the innovation in tattoo business. It is outstanding to watch the masterpiece and look very good. Let us try to understand what exactly is meant by blacklight tattoo.

To speak very simple, blacklight tattoos are the glowing tattoos, or as it can also be expressed, phosphorescent. This effect is revealed only under ultraviolet light.  As a result, to get such effect, to apply backlight tattoos artists use different ink. After application, if proper ultraviolet light is used, the backlight tattoo will have some glowing.

Mind that backlight tattoos are different from tattoos that just glow in the dark. Those tattoos can glow under regular light, backlight – never.

As you can understand, to get needed glowing special ink must be used. That ink is made from special chemicals. They can be different. Mind that you will have to choose the big and respectable tattoo shop, because applying backlight tattoo can be dangerous. Some ink, that glows under the ultraviolet light, is not suitable for using with human skin. There are some inks that can contain phosphorus which is dangerous for human. The safest brand of backlight tattoo ink is considered to be Chameleon Black Light Tattoo ink. It is proved to have no negative effects on humans. It can be 18 colors, that can be revealed normally under regular light. But the one color cannot. It is called UV Titanium White. It glows under certain conditions.

The process of backlight tattoo application is quite different from the process of application of regular tattoos. The ink that is used is much thinner and therefore it is more difficult to work with them. That’s why you must make sure that you are dealt with by an experienced person. Usually if backlight tattoo is applied, during the whole procedure you must be under ultraviolet light. Only with this condition artist can be sure that he is doing the backlight tattoo design as it has been intented.

There may be some problems with backlight tattoos. It’s not a secret that most of people choose to do this kind of tattoo because it is not visible and can only be seen under ultraviolet. But this is correct only if it is done by right person. The fact is that if the backlight tattoo is done wrong, under normal light the scars still can be seen. These scars can go away when the time passes, but also may stay. Sometimes people even feel problems such as allergy that results in burning or itching. But for someone special treatment is needed – laser tattoo removal or cover up tattoo. Some people report that over a certain period of time the tattoo gradually loses the capability to glow under the ultraviolet. For some people backlight tattoos can even change color, especially if you walk a lot under the sun. So, to sum everything up, backlight tattoos are real breakthrough in tattoo world, but also they are relatively new. If you want to apply it, make everything correct, go to the experienced person and try to make it as safe as it is possible. If everything goes alright, you will show off to your friends and maybe relatives demonstrating your new ultra-modern tattoo.

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