Biomechanical tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos

Today biomechanical tattoos are one of the most interesting tattoo branches. It appeared in the early 80s of the twentieth century. Every year biomechanical tattoos become more and more popular, thanks to the special biomechanical tattoo designs as combination of living with electronics, mechanical and sometimes even alien. First it was depicted in tattoos that showed mechanical parts on human body that were growing right from inside it. The most popular implementation of the biomechanical design today is the torn skin with visible moving parts of some mechanism or some other sort of metallic construction. The motto of all biomechanical tattoos is – look what is inside of me! Therefore, to depict the parts of the image a peculiar art technique is applied, namely the synthesis of hyperrealism with triple dimension. Biomechanical tattoos demonstrate the hidden potential of human and sometimes even his real nature. The main ideas of the biomechanical tattoo designs is the style of body parts as the mechanical parts of different machines (the pictures of metallic parts that are tearing up the skin), or the pictures of some fantastic characters (alien creatures, mechanics from different films such as “Alien”, “Terminator”). Biomechanical tattoos gained their popularity first of all because of the famous artist Hans Rudolf Gieger. It was him, the author of numerous emerging images of fantastic creatures, that appeared in the films about aliens, who became the idol and inspirer of musicians, cyberpanks and certain circles of tattoo artists who decided to deal with biomechanical tattoo designs that resembled his works. Swiss artists brings his own style in biomechanics.

First biomechanical tattoo designs were dark – they were just black or with different gradients of gray. Most of all some sort of combination of metallic parts and flesh was depicted. But soon the way of creating biomechanical style change. Now we comprehend everything very vividly and our fantasies about future are very different. Therefore, nowadays the biomechanical tattoos that consist of different parts and elements and are created in color are very popular. Biomechanical tattoos are getting beauty, organic lines and rhythm.

Today biomechanical tattoos are very popular and this design is chosen all over the world. Tattoos that fill in all the hand and shoulder to elbow are looking very good, but the tattoos situated on the back, thighs will look beautiful too. Many people prefer tattoos of small sizes on shoulders or chest. If you decided to make your fires biomechanical tattoo you can begin with showing everyone what is inside you, what is hiding there. Maybe you have some fantastic creature inside you that wants to get out, or you consist of plastic tubes, microchips, wheels etc. Biomechanical tattoo designs differ from others because it is limited only by your imagination.

Biomechanical tattoos became more and more popular recently. Maybe it is inspired by cyborg themes, that is wide spread in current films. Such tattoos may be applied everywhere, even on head – you could imitate different kind of mechanisms that are inside of you, inside of your body, and that are telling about artificial origin of your body. As a rule, tattoos of biomechanical style require much experience from tattoo artist, so make sure that you choose experienced one. Also such tattoos require big space on body because with the lack of space there is the risk that the tattoo will not be understood rather than be recognized as fantastic.

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