Barbed wire tattoos

Barbed wire tattoo

If we speak about barbed wire tattoos, we speak about the choice of the big amount of people. Mostly often, barbed wire tattoos are considered to be male only, but women sometimes like to choose barbed wire tattoo design as well. The most interesting thing about barbed wire tattoos is that you can modify it to your likings and apply in just the way you want it to be. You can do practically everything with it. The barbed wire tattoo designs are great in variety and also barbed wire can be present in different tattoo design compositions, accompanying cross, skulls or heart and many more.

Barbed wire tattoo designs can have different meanings, that grew in their variety as the years passed and received many new associations. Barbed wires initially were used for keeping something or someone outside or inside some place. This can be applied to animals, that live on the farm, and so on. Also, being applied to humans barbed wire tattoo can mean the prison or centers of detention. This is a war symbol as well, that was extremely popular during the Second World War.

If we speak about prison, barbed wire tattoo design got this meaning very long ago, several decades, to be precise. It is known as the sign of incarceration and containment in prison. Most people nowadays consider barbed wire tattoos to have roots in Italy. It is because it’s Italians, who first began to use it as a symbol of imprisonment. Barbed wire tattoos were representing spikes, and the number of those spikes depicted the years of imprisonment. Even today some males choose barbed wire tattoos to show exactly the same thing.
There are other meanings of barbed wire tattoo – it’s so called Crown of Thorns. This Crown was worn by Jesus at the time when he was crucified, son now it’s a very popular symbol and is depicted in many paintings, representing Jesus. This symbol means Christianity, Jesus Christ himself, faith and hope. Some of people think that barbed wire tattoo designs can be Christian tattoos only. They usually choose barbed wire tattoo to represent their faith and Christianity.

However, barbed wire tattoos have a lot of meanings and they can be divided into negative and positive. Remember, before choosing the actual tattoo design, to find out what exact meaning it bears. If we speak about meanings, they can be the following: bravery, Jesus, Crown of Thorns, Incarceration, Power, Protection, Strength, Hardship, Victory, Struggle, Solid Foundation and so on.

All these meanings can represent differently to applicant. Mostly often barbed wire tattoos mean power, strength or authority. This is what is chosen in many times. The second popular barbed tattoo meaning is struggle and hardship. If a person has seen a lot in his life and wants to depict the struggle he had throughout his life, he chooses certain barbed wire tattoo designs. Also barbed wire tattoos can be the symbols of perseverance and victory.

Among next popular meanings are bravery and courage. Barbed wire tattoos get this meaning because of the Crown of Thorns and Jesus Christ, who was crucified.
The locations of application of barbed wire tattoos are very different. If you have large muscles on your arm, this tattoo is designed for you. Barbed wire tattoo designs are also applied in the form of armband. Legband can be also very popular – the barbed wire can be wrapped around ankle or leg. It is always good to choose experienced and popular tattoo artist, who can offer you a great variety of barbed wire tattoos and also apply it to different parts of the body. Choose the right meaning and the right place for your barbed wire tattoo.

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