Animated tattoos

Animated tattoos

Tattoos seem to be one of the oldest forms in which people can modify their body. Nowadays if you decide to get a tattoo, you can be sure that it is safe, much safer than it has been before. The tattoo is usually applied with special equipment.

The tattoo machine didn’t change much over the years. Only the precaution and safety measures changed. But not now. Animated tattoos are a real breakthrough in the tattoo art. Sounds interesting? It really is.

Let us try to understand how such tattoos work. It works as it really sounds – the animated tattoo design images are implanted under the persons skin and move there. It is done by using new nano-technologies.

The scientists of the Rensselaer Polytechnic institute managed to develop a complex device, that comprises nanodisplay in itself, that is built in under the skin and can transmit any image according to the desire of the applicant. The thickness of such a device is nothing more than a hair. It is highly likely that in future such animated tattoos will be able to transmit vital information about their users, such as pulse, pressure, cholesterol level in the blood and much more.

In current time the researchers are not ready to present the development to the public, but they surely have made a great step by making the animated tattoo design in the form of the device, that is regulated with the help of WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network).

Of course, there are another ways of applying animation in the tattoo world. Recently Marco, a person from France, got the idea to create a tattoo in the form of the QR-code by reading which people got the link to the animation. Such tattoo was designed by the famous tattoo master K.A.R.L. from Paris Mystery Tattoo Club. There is even a video on the Internet that shows the process of application of the animated tattoo design and also the process of checking of the QR-code there with iPhone.

But let us go back to the new research and try to understand what advantages it has over the traditional tattoo. If we speak about advantage of the animated tattoo, we can say the following – their name speaks for themselves – the body art is on the new level now because such tattoos are really animated. Also such tattoo is preserved better than ink. The animated tattoo design can be always changed with the first desire because such tattoos are totally reprogrammable. The tattoo usually consists of the module of control, power supply part and the LCD.

Of course there is not enough information currently but let us try to think about the safety. No matter how cool animated tattoo is, you will be interested in it to be safe. Remember also, that now it is completely illegal to apply such a tattoo. This whole case is causing a great concern in term of safety. Currently nobody knows if it is safe or not safe, but it is implanted under the skin and it can cause some health problems.

Of course, such procedures must be done only by licensed specialists because one will need to ensure that all conditions are met – that they have all needed facilities and needed level of sterilization. Otherwise it is not safe at all. However, for now almost 60 procedures have been made and no complaints got. It does not mean that there is absolutely no risk. Also animated tattoo will be very expensive, but if you got money and want to show off, this kind of tattoo can be designed especially for you.

So it’s up to you to decide whether you need it or not, but animated tattoos can be named a real breakthrough in the tattoo world and maybe it will win in the market of tattoos in the future and will be able to display a lot of vital information.

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