Anchor tattoos

Anchor Tattoo: Meaning

The long history of the anchor tattoos had begun a long before present time, a few thousands years ago. In the West the tattoo with anchor had been one of the most popular kinds of tattoos for two last centuries. It has the ancient symbolic roots. The anchor had been a symbol that helps wanderers not to go astray and to withstand the winds and currents for several thousands years. Also this symbol helped to stay constant and be yourself in the most difficult circumstances. The anchor for its thousand-year history had got a special value and importance for the sailors from all over the world. The anchor tattoos were applied to people who are closely connected with the maritime and naval  careers, such tattoos are especially close to the sailors around the world.

The anchor tattoo had gained popularity after the sailors had begun to depict them on their bodies as a guardian. They considered that such image will protect them from losing the way and rubbing into the heavy weather. But ordinary people adopted this symbol and also cover themselves with anchors. Anyway this tattoo is more widespread in the sailors' midst. The anchor has such meanings:

  • salvation;
  • hope;
  • dedication;
  • safety;
  • strength;
  • caution.

For example, an anchor depicted on the arm or the leg is the talisman that helps to come back home and not to stray. Besides this image can express the dream of the sea. Besides the anchor tattoo often means someone's infinite love to sail in the sea. The one who ownes an anchor tattoo is likely to be a sailor, a marine, a navy or a coast guard. But some people cover this tattoo just for fun. Or because they just like this symbol.

Among sailors an anchor tattoo means that this sailor has crossed the Atlantic ocean. Also the anchor's symbolism in Christianity occurred both on its function and form. The top of the anchor associates with the form of cross  and it is the secret sense of images carved in catacombs. In the New Testament hope of salvation has been called "anchor of the soul" (Hebrews). In the Renaissance the tattoo of anchor (the symbol of restraint) was combined with the dolphin (the symbol of rate) and with «Festina lente» ( the August motto which means "Hurry up slowly" ). Among Mediterranean sailors in ancient times anchor had symbolized the sea gods. However, anchor was not the only tattoo that sailors used to cover. Mermaids, sailing ships and other maritime symbols were also very popular.

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