3d tattoos

3D tattoos

Tattoo is the ancient way for a man to make his body more beautiful, stand out from the crowd, or as opposite – to tell others something, to express his own opinion about something and so on. What is this all to do with 3D now? Well, now we have 3D tattoos. Just look at one of them. They are appealing, everybody like them, they can even be frightening. First that is coming to mind – illusion. Yes, the illusion of the reality. We’ve seen it somewhere: 3D pictures on the asphalt, the pictures of holes on the ground, the water from the walls of the houses, fake doors to the fake garden. Or, is it better to say to the fairy-tale garden? Now imagine such a miracle on the human body. 3D tattoos are usually a masterpiece, made very precise and such paintings, yes, let’s call them paintings – are astonishing.

They can be made on different body parts – the point is only in the plot and their size. The plot of the 3D tattoo design must be chosen with taking illusion in mind. Imagine the absence of skin and steel muscles of cyborg, the butterfly, ready to fly away and carry with it her shadow.

The man can go very far to underline his individuality. He can use piercing, small tattoos – nothing can astonish us now. It can be even scars of the skin. How can anyone possibly like it? Usually all tattoos make other people very suspicious towards the applicant.

The 21st century brought different dimension – 3d, that of course made it to the tattoo world, making 3D tattoo designs extremely popular. Sometimes 3d tattoos can be frightening and not at all positive, but the effect of such tattoo is really great.

Tattoo – is the most ancient art that came to us. First tattoo was discovered by archeologists on one of Ancient Egypt mummies. However, the quality of that image was great.

Despite of the fact, that most of tattoos are 2 dimensional, i.e. representing 3d images with no depth in their design. 3d tattoos get extra dimension, the third one. Such tattoos are looking great on skin and create some kind of illusion that they are not actually not the skin, but above it.

This is all about animation. 2D was always known as traditional one. Flat cartoons were used in any animation. It consists from a lot of drawings that is shown quickly. So such images had height and width. 3-dimensional images have third measure – depth.

So we can say that 3d tattoos get distance. Actually this third dimension allows to tell us the amount of space to the object close to the one who looks from the object further. The most useful techniques for 3d tattoo designs is the use of shading, blur, shadows and so on. This allows to create a very realistic 3d tattoo design, that, if successful, cannot be su easily distinguished from real-life image.

To make a proper 3d tattoo the artists are trying to add some highlights to the design. Some areas of 3d tattoo have to somewhat shine, to make the needed effect.

Of course, 3d tattoos are not always realistic – one can easily depict some cartoonish character in them and so on. It’s up to your liking.

The meanings of 3d tattoo designs are just the same, as if they have been 2d. If we speak, for example about the elephant in 2d, in 3d it will mean quite the same. The difference is just in the effect. 3D helps images to become much more realistic.

If you need to create some kind of optical illusions – 3d tattoos are designed especially for you. You can choose from a great variety of 3d tattoo designs – skin removal, robot insides. But of course the most popular thing in 3d is to depict something that is sitting on the skin. It’s always great to have 3d tattoo, but only the experienced tattoo artists can cope with the task and create a real masterpiece.